A Weekend at the 34th Stellar Gospel Music Awards

After receiving an email stating that His Favor Magazine was approved to cover the 2019 Stellar Music Awards, the team was ecstatic. However, as the editor, I knew I had to ask someone else to go in my place due to other obligations.

As I expressed this to the team, they didn't want to hear it! They insisted that I go and let God handle the rest. Before I knew it, that is exactly what He did.  I packed my bags and Thursday, March 28th, Field Correspondent, Kyonna Brown and I was on our way to Las Vegas to not only attend but to represent His Favor Magazine on the Red Carpet and the media room. 

On the day of the show, I was happy to see so many people in media that I knew. Some I knew via social media, so it was great to see them in person.  As we found our spot on the red carpet, Donald Jackson walked right in front of us! More media personality filled the grounds then it was time for action. 

Gospel Artists, Managers, Record Executives, you name it, began to grace the carpet.  Each person stopped to greet the media and of course be interviewed. His Favor's first interview was with Travis Malloy "This is an awesome experience. God has fulfilled every promise! His word does not come back void!" After interviewing Travis Malloy, we were able to talk to several others including, Tyler Little, Jekalyn Carr, The Walls Group, Lonnie Hunter and so many more.

Once we finished experiencing the red carpet, we headed to one of the media rooms. Food was provided which was great because we were hungry! Although we had access to the media room, Kyonna also wanted to view the awards. I bought tickets already so we made our way to the auditorium.

Hezekiah Walker opened the show with a medley of his most popular hits.  Right after, Kirk Franklin pumped the crowd up as he read his lines. Artist after artists ushered in the presence of God in their own unique way.

We then decided to go back into the media room to interview some of the show's nominees and winners. Little did we know we would also get a few songs from some of the artists including Shelby 5. Shirley Ceasar, Anthony Brown, Regina Bell, and so many others answered each media's questions with integrity and a smile.

The Stellar Gospel Music Awards has been in existence for over 30 years.  Even tho I have been to the show before, being able to go as media was a true honor and blessing. I learned so much more about the industry.  I even learned more about myself and as the visionary of this publication.  I can't wait until next year!