Harriet: The Movie

Our Fall Issue 2019 will be a special edition! You've seen her in countless movies including her iconic roll in Coming To America & What's Love Got To Do With It! It was an honor to speak to VANESSA BELL CALLAWAY as she talked about having faith in God, His #favor upon her life & her role as Hariett Tubman's mother in the upcoming movie, HARIETT (set to release November 1st in theaters everywhere)

James JE Tyler

"On Monday, Oct. 14th, 2019 His Favor Teen Magazine had the pleasure of attending a press screening for Harriet the film. In a time where so much of the conversation is dominated by women trail blazers seeking to crack the ceiling of oppression and limited opportunity, this film intimately explores the journey of one woman who decimated the ceiling placed on her by slavery and gender oppression. She both led and commanded hundreds of current and former slaves in battle and on a quest for freedom with the voice of God commanding her every move. I firmly recommend this film to anyone seeking liberty and empowerment during perilous times. "