WAVES Review With Sterling K Brown

Our founder attended a press screening for the upcoming movie, WAVES. In attendance was actor, Sterling K Brown

(from the hit TV Series, THIS IS US)

WAVES REVIEW A24 presents Waves, starring Sterling K Brown — In theaters, November 15 ******* By Sheneé Woodson, Founder "What an awesome movie! From the choice of music to even the color symbolism! This movie opened eyes to the truth that a lot of us deal with but don't talk about. The dynamics that each person in a family plays. When faced with life problems, are we open to share with those closet to us, or do we isolate ourselves? Do we tend to cover our pain with other things or are we free to bare each other's burdens and hold each other up? This movie made me look at even my own family and anticipate having a discussion when it comes to expressing our emotions with each other. We all have our

breaking point, but can that point be altered if someone we care about steps in?



(Assistant Principal/Pastor & Older Brother of Founder, Sheneè Woodson)

I had the privilege of being a part of Sterling Brown’s pre-screening for his new movie “Wave”. Before discussing the impact the movie had on the viewers, let me begin with my live "Sterling Brown" experience. Prior to the movie, I watched Mr. Brown engage his audience at the African American Culture Center in Washington District of Columbia. He did not appear as if he were reacting from obligation but, seemed to genuinely enjoy the interaction. As fans bustled through the crowd to take photos, he gave his million dollar smile and continued to pleasantly greet each participant.

Since I’m not a photo fanatic or social media enthusiast, I stood back and observed Mr. Brown’s class act. He was not only in his element but made each participant feel valued.

I don’t know that he believes that each fan deserves his attention but, it was the best model of emotionally connecting with supporters that I’ve witnessed.

The common theme throughout the movie was understanding people with your heart in addition to your head. Each scene captures the narrative of people whom we would deem as successful. As a series of unfortunate events unfold, it unravels their planned sequence of steps towards the popular pathway. At pivotal moments in the movie, it was not overtaken by common Hollywood scenes. However, each viewer was able to experience authentic conflict. The concluding scene was a cliffhanger. Not in the sense of anticipating “Wave 2” but, the audience was forced to fill in the blanks.

At the conclusion of the movie, Mr. Brown graciously took time for an interview in which he disclosed some of the challenges he faced during the making of the film. Each actor was carefully selected for their role so that the audience could fully read the narrative through their lens. Mr. Brown further discussed how the film redefined the correct role of a man. Gone are the days when men don’t cry, affirm their wives, and demonstrate affection. These are the active agents that make up a man’s emotional intelligence. As men (especially black men) attempt to find ourselves in what we do, what titles we obtain, or what we get; we must be sure that we don’t lose our sense of purpose. Men are called to a greater cause of serving others through our vulnerability. In turn, modeling true love by sacrificially meeting the needs of others, it was no surprise that Sterling Brown models emotional intelligence.